On this page, I’ll be posting things that I’ve written, for a variety of reasons. I’ll try to update it as soon as I finish each piece, but they’ll likely be updated only sporadically.

The Slayer’s Request

A mysterious man called The Slayer hears of a treasure on a mountain, but will he escape with the treasure and his life?

Invisible Worlds

Inspired by the novel Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, this story examines what our world really is.

A Man of Boundaries

I wrote this short story as a sort of “cutscene” for some of the players for whom I Dungeon Master. Rojax is a character who once was their friend, but had since betrayed them.

Industry Analysis

I, along with 3 other Raikes students wrote this as the culmination of a semester long project for our economics class. In addition, we presented the findings to our class, professors, and a businessperson from Lincoln. Our assignment was to conduct in-depth research on an industry to present to people considering investing in it, and we chose to research electric vehicles.